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sts107logo1.jpg:      Everybody Falling, in memoriam shuttle Columbia and crew, is a new piece for Stick and countertenor, available as a downloadable MP3.

Written, Produced & Engineered by Arthur Durkee
©2003 Arthur Durkee. All Rights Reserved.

Milonga of the Time of Leaves

Tango of the Knife FIght

Written, Produced & Engineered by Arthur Durkee
©2014 Arthur Durkee. All Rights Reserved.

Daniel Atwater: Accordion
Brian Schultz: Piano
Arthur Durkee: Chapman Stick

Americans Roads (2012) for voices and instruments    

Words and Music by Arthur Durkee
Performed by AD, Danny Atwater, Edward Anderson, Jeff Roy, Ryan Lockwood, Todd Winterrowd

This began as a solo neo-folk song, became a string band arrangment, then blossomed into this vocal ensemble and string band version. Recorded live in concert June 2013, Madison, WI.

Shine (2015) for voices and string band    

Words and Music by Arthur Durkee
Performed by American Roads String Band:
Todd Winterrowd, lead vocal;
AD, Danny Atwater, Edward Anderson, Dan Ross, Jeff Roy, Andrew Gallas, Tim Brennan

Recorded live in concert March 2015, Madison, WI.

For more, please visit my Songwriting page.

Score sample


Odds6: Dangerous Odds


A short-lived but fun little project; several tracks feature the Infinite Sustain Feedback System. One of my punk rock bands, the only one that really recorded much, and the only one for which I also wrote all the lyrics and challenged the listener with my vocal stylings. Also, the only overtly queer boy punk rock band: homocore rules. So, yes, it's true: I've just come out. I am indeed a songwriter. There are another 7 QPT tracks in the can that I haven't finished mixing and producing yet. Someday, I promise.

Dave Bintz: drums, guitars
Art Durkee: Stick with ISFS, fretless bass, queer bass, vocals

A little side note: Yes, QPT stands for something. What that is, remains flexible. Quince Pop Tarts? Questionablly Poor Taste? Queer Power Trio? You be the judge.

Data Rabies

Another short-lived but fun little punk project. We managed to record a couple of tracks, though, which still sound pretty good. Angry industrial post-punk flavored with a little McLuhanesque social commentary about the digitization of human culture.

Charlie Nichols: vocals & texts
Art Durkee: Stick, low bass guitar
Diane Perris: high bass guitar
Tom Hamer: drums & percussion

Digital Decay

Contorti ons

The Barbaric Yawps

Jazz inspired by world music. Most of the pieces are written by Tom Lachmund, with a couple written by me, and a couple of free improvs. The notated lead sheets are often cyclic structures that serve as foundations for free blowing. Free jazz meets ethnomusicology.

Tom Lachmund: saxophones, bass clarinet, percussion
Art Durkee: Stick, percussion
"Uncle" Larry Hancock: bass, percussion
Tommy Thompson: drums, percussion

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