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Commissioned Music for TTBB and SATB Chorus

All music is available for sale in PDF score format. Most pieces also available as recordings.

Sample PDF scores are available upon request. Email:

(Many of these recordings are live concert performances. Please forgive any audience or auditorium noise.)

for male chorus and piano

An Original Choral Work (2011)
Words & Music by
Arthur Durkee

Fifteenth Anniversary Commission
Perfect Harmony Men’s Chorus, Madison, WI
Premiered in Summer 2012 in Madison, Milwaukee, and Denver
2012 OutReach Board of Directors Special Recognition Award

Tikkun (2013):    

Words based on traditional Hebrew texts from Kabbalah and The Zohar, and by Arthur Durkee; Music by Arthur Durkee

Commissioned 2013 by Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus
Ken Forney, Artistic Director
Brian Schultze, piano

Score sample

Weavers of Light (2009) for TTBB chorus, piano, flute, and orchestral bells

excerpts from the complete piece:    

Words by Arthur Durkee and Deena Metzger; Music by Arthur Durkee

Premiered 2009 by Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus
This recording made 2010 at Winter Solstice concert
Ken Forney, Artistic Director
Ken Kusiak, piano
Julio Avila, flute
Ronald Golner, bells

Score sample

Works in Latin

Lux Aeterna and Ave Mater Noctis are companion pieces, one Light, one Dark. Lux Aeterna is a hymn to eternal light, from the Requiem Mass in Latin. Ave Mater Noctis is an original text, a hymn to the Dark Mother Goddess.

Lux Aeterna (2011)    

Traditional Latin text; music by Arthur Durkee

Ave Mater Noctis (2014)    

Words & music by Arthur Durkee; Latin translation with the assistance of David Barick

Ave Mater Noctis

Salve, mater tenebrae
fertile, et terribilis nimis
salve mater atra
qui pluviamque sanguinem dissipat
salve, tenebra
miraque dives
concavum infintum unde gnascamur et in quo egrediemur
ave mater noctis
qui ad nos cum somno venit
qui dolores nostros consolat
qui nobis pacem dat
salve, tenebra muta
mare gravidum ubi incolet non ortum
ave mater atra
in qua et nos post mortem requiescimus,
ave mater tenebrae
terribilisque fecunda
in cui utero crescit semen lucis

Ave Lux

Score sample

Hail, Mother Night

hail, mother of darkness
fertile and terrifying
hail, dark mother
who brings rain and blood
hail, darkness
rich and strange
endless void from which we arise and to which we shall return
hail, mother night
who comes to us with sleep
who comforts our sorrows
who brings us peace
hail, silent darkness
pregnant sea where dwells what is not yet born
hail, dark mother
in whom we rest at death
hail, mother of darkness
terrible and fecund
in whose dark womb grows the seed of light

Hail to the Light

Ave Maria, for six voices (2106)

Traditional Latin text; Music by Arthur Durkee

Premiere performance and recording forthcoming

manuscript sample

You Gotta Give 'Em Hope (2012) :    

Words by Harvey Milk; Music by Arthur Durkee

Written in celebration of the life and legacy of Harvey Milk.
Commissioned by Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus
Ken Forney, Artistic Director
Premiered June 2013, Madison, WI

Give 'Em Hope (revised 2106)

New performance and recording forthcoming

manuscript sample

American Roads (2012) for voices and instruments    

Words and Music by Arthur Durkee
Performed by American Roads String Band:
AD, Danny Atwater, Edward Anderson, Jeff Roy, Ryan Lockwood, Todd Winterrowd

This song began as a solo neo-folk song, became a string band arrangment, then blossomed into this vocal ensemble and string band version.

Recorded live in concert June 2013, Madison, WI.

For more, please visit my Songwriting page.

Score sample

Shine (2015) for voices and string band    

Words and Music by Arthur Durkee
Performed by American Roads String Band:
Todd Winterrowd, lead vocal;
AD, Danny Atwater, Edward Anderson, Dan Ross, Jeff Roy, Andrew Gallas, Tim Brennan

Shine exists in multiple versions, including solo lead sheet, notated TTBB arrangement with soloist, and this string band version.

Recorded live in concert March 2015, Madison, WI.

For more, please visit my Songwriting page.

Score sample

The Eyes of All / O Praise the Lord (1981)    

Text based on Psalms 104 and 114; Music by Arthur Durkee

Written in commemoration of 25 years of service at Trinity Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, MI, by Rev. Richard I. Preis.
Performed by Trinity Lutheran Church Choir (SATB), Ann Arbor, MI
John Smith, Director
Dorothy Smith, Organist

Extended-Technique Vocal Music

These three pieces were composed and performed by the group SH/AD, consisting of Arthur Durkee and Stuart Hinds. They were recorded in August 1985, at Moody Auditorium in Lubbock, TX, and performed as tape pieces for a concert entitled Worlds, held in Lubbock that same month, produced by Stuart Hinds.

Each piece featurs different extended vocal techniques, in structured improvisational forms, and were recorded to 4-track reel tape in the acoustically resonant space of the large atrium of the auditorium. (Several other longer pieces were also recorded in this space during the same period, featuring for example tuned glass bowls, percussion, song, and other elements.)

The first piece, Mantra, uses harmonic singing, or overtone singing, as its foundation. Its mood is introspective, meditative, static, transcendant. The second piece, Chant, utilizes a shamanic text from an Ojibway medicine lodge ritual. This is shamanic, dramatic music: when we began recording, I found myself singing a lead line, all unplanned, that became the central melody of the piece, and around which we built all the other elements in multitrack; I can't tell you where this came from, it just seemed to appear, and take over the entire process. Listening to Chant again, after several years, I find myself feeling as though a numinous door had been opened to other worlds. The third piece in the set, Hamatsa, featuring guest lead vocalist Paul McMillion, is based around the myth of the Kwakiutl cannibal-spirit performed in the winter sacred riitual dances. The voices call to the hamatsa figure, and also in the voice of the cannibal spirit, making for a dramatic narrative piece of music theater.

Twenty years after co-creating these pieces, I still get a chill up my spine listening to them. I am pleased to present them here, publicly available for the first time.




Note: Stuart Hinds has continued to develop his skills as an overtone singer, and has become a solo performer and composer with a unique style of polyphonic overtone singing. His works for polyphonic choral overtone singing have been performed around the world. He has also written a manual for overtone singing, and released several recordings of original music. Please visit his excellent website here.

Composed Chamber Music

Experimental & Electro-acoustic Music

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