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New videos, films, and music segments are uploaded to my channel as they are completed. Please subscribe to receive email notifications when new videos are added.

Approaching Dusk, a video poem, 2012

Light & Silence, short film with music, 2012

Ocean Arch, short film with music, 2012

Brush on Wood, a visual poem, 2014

Milonga of the Time of Leaves

Tango of the Knife FIght

Written, Produced & Engineered by Arthur Durkee
©2014 Arthur Durkee. All Rights Reserved.

Daniel Atwater: Accordion
Brian Schultz: Piano
Arthur Durkee: Chapman Stick

basin and range Streaming video slideshows of my artwork, with music, are now available in QuickTime, Windows Media, and RealMedia formats, below.

These four short films are available as a DVD, entitled Basin & Range.
You may order the DVD directly from me, via email.
The cost is US$20, plus US$2 for mailing.
If you wish to order directly from me, please email me for a current address to send your cheques.

(PayPal option is under development. Please stand by.)


Basin & Range • Images from Nevada, Utah, and California, with poetry:


Visions • Shamanic and visionary artwork:


The Western Lands • Images from the West and Southwest:


Gateways • Photographs from Utah, Nevada, and California, and digital artwork:




A new series of short films is in preparation. Under the overall title Dreamtime Ocean, this video will feature four new short films in new styles. Combining photography, video, text, poetry, and original music, we go deeper into explroing our connections with the land, with time, distance, travel, and the eternal rhythms of life.



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